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Sand Hill PR Partners is an integrated marketing communications agency with offices in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York and Texas. The agency brings deep expertise with regard to developing leading elite consumer brands. We create strategies which allow our clients to achieve top tier media endorsements, and build rewarding partnerships with appropriate high net-worth target demographic clientele that they seek to acquire.

United together through our shared expertise working with iconic luxury brands worldwide, Sand Hill PR Partners combines forces to deliver unparalleled service to our clients seeking to reach elite consumers through breakthrough communications and experiential marketing.


Working with a cadre of the world’s preeminent brands, from Hermès, to Rémy Cointreau, TAG Heuer, St. Regis and more, our team enjoys a distinguished track record creating results-driven campaigns.  Our diverse scope includes brand repositioning, new product launches, strategic partnerships development, special events and flagship openings internationally, with a concentration in New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Texas.


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